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Holistic protection in a kidnapping and extortion situation. We develop preventive measures for your protection, conduct negotiations and cover ransom payments. 

In a nutshell.

Kidnappings, extortion and resulting ransom negotiations and payments are extreme challenges for your company. With our kidnap and ransom insurance, which was specially developed for this situation, we take a holistic approach. As a preventive measure, our crisis managers (former special forces and police officers) prepare you for emergencies and teach you strategies for minimizing risks.

In the event of kidnapping or extortion, high follow-up costs are to be expected. In addition to the payment of ransoms, there are also considerable costs for logistical expenses, consultations and negotiations. These are covered by our kidnap and ransom insurance. In negotiations you will be supported by our international network of experienced crisis managers. We are familiar with crisis situations, know the local and cultural conditions and guide you safely through the situation. 

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